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Posted by boobsgames - September 12th, 2021


New vesion of my game is out.

Download link and changelog is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/warlock-and-v0-56056302

Game is free and the patreon post is public


Posted by boobsgames - July 12th, 2021


New vesion of my game is out.

Download link and changelog is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/warlock-and-v0-53584826

Game is free and the patreon post is public


Posted by boobsgames - February 14th, 2021


Version 0.338.1 with RTP 669Mb


The save files from version 0.338 should work. If you’re using old save your Juliette will become naked. To fix it talk to her copy in the cheat room (right down corner of Krowly’s basement)

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:

futaonmale - russian text fixes 

Anonymous – english text fixes

What s new:

Juliette’s outfit system. Now you can change Juliette's outfit when she’s is following you. As Rose or Eric, she can be wearing her normal clothes, nothing, or black lingerie. The game will automatically change her sprite, illustration, and portraits in all the dialogues. Also the game will be showing matching illustrations in her titfuck scene. 

NOTE: If you’re using old save your Juliette will become naked. To fix it talk to her copy in the cheat room (right down corner of Krowly’s basement)


New randomized dungeon. New dungeon is possible to visit during the hunt if you already completed the first randomized dungeon (the one with Priestess in the last room).

It has new type of puzzles (inspired by the game Immortals Fenyx Rising). 

The layout of the dungeon stays the same, but the enemies, loot spawn, exit location and the location of the lever to open the exit are randomized.

It means that you can be unlucky and meet a horde of enemies but no loot xD. Or vice versa.

It also has hidden reference that I found funny. Let me know if you will find it.

This dungeon is the part of Eric’s part of the story.


New scenes:

  • Carla’s nipplefuck scene. Can be triggered for the first time via her chat menu if the relationship with her is higher then 25. After that it becomes accessible via flirt menu. Starts the quests that will be added in the future. Doesn't trigger during the topless friday. Jill should be in town.
  • Eric fucks Jenna in the butt. The variant of Jenna’s full nelson scene with Eric. Uses same illustrations. Sunday’s morning in Jenna’s barn, before the Sunday sermon ;)


New pictures:

  • Carla’s nipplefuck scene +3 variants
  • Eric fucks Jenna in the butt + 3 variants
  • Juliette naked +variant
  • Juliette in a black lingeie +variant
  • Juliette titfuck naked +2 variants
  • Juliette titfuck lingerie +2 variants


Updated scenes:

  • Jenna and Eric at night. Added illustrations and sound effects.


  • «Defeat» status now will be auto removed after battle. There was a issue where it wasn’t possible to heal defeated party member even if you have potions. Now should work.
  • Mushroom respawn is fixed. Again.
  • In the event with the abandoned church and battle nuns the entrance to the church is now hidden.

Small things:

Krowly’s house got a new look. I’m working on adding second floor to it, but for now only the outside part is ready. For now it’s not matching the inside look (it’s surprisingly hard to draw good looking tiles). In the future we will get a quest to restore the second floor.



Posted by boobsgames - June 11th, 2020


Version 0.335.5 with RTP 627 Mb 


The save files from version 0.335.2 should work.

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:

@futaonmale - russian text fixes.

Harlekin – scene with Jaina, scene with two goblins

Bearyama – scene with Lizzy

Oolay Tiger - voiceover for characters (Fina, Sister Elizabeth), SFX;

SilkyMilk - voiceover for characters (Juliette, Astra);

DornVA - voiceover for characters (Alice);

What s new:

Girls' voices: Several lines and a bunch of sound reactions for Alice, Astra, Juliette, Fina and Sister Elizabth. Oolay-Tiger was directing this small project. I also added the option to disable the voices in the settings menu.

Video demo:

Lust for Jaina and Rose: The lust mechanic now works for Jaina and Rose too. They can be target of lust attacks from monstergirl, they can drink lust potion and become aroused. 

When their lust reach 300 they will submit in battle. When Jaina’s lust is higher then 200 she stops obeying your orders in battle.  

Both girl have sex menu during the hunt and will also ask for sex when their lust is too high.


Goblin village now has 4 accessible houses.

New scenes:

  • pixel scene with Derek and Taisha (Tuesday or Friday night)
  • pixel scene with Jason and Agneshka (Saturday night)
  • pixel scene with Wine Merchan and Elf (Tuesday or Thursday night)
  • pixel scene with two goblins by Harlekin (Wednesday or Sunday night)
  • scene with Jaina during the hunt by Harlekin (illustrations from the spa scene)
  • rimjob scene with Lizzy by Bearyama (no illustrations). Has a 20% chance to be triggered when Krowly is playing with himself at night. (SFX by Oolay Tiger)


  Updated scenes:

  • Buttfuck with Juliette. Now you can choose to finish inside her or to pull out and finish all over her

 New pictures:

  • Scene with Fina under waterfall. Butt or pussy (8 variants)
  • Variants for the buttfuck scene with Juliette (3 variants)


 Updated pictures:

  • Updated illustrations for scene with a goblin girl (5 variants)
  • Conlan's face update
  • Alice’s morning scene. Small fixes
  • Dereks illustration. Small update

Small things:

  • If busty Krowly is lactating the milk will be shown when he is playing with himself at night.
  • A small scene with Diana and Wine Merchant (Monday morning)
  • A couple new lines for party dialogues by Harlekin
  • Jason talking about Taisha in the tavern. Idea by Harlekin
  • Jenna’s reaction on Krowly’s session with Jaina in the spa
  • Jenna has an illustration in the spa now
  • Wine Merchant visiting the spa


  • Krowly’s mentioning green pussy for Derek to help players with the quest.
  • Krowly’s mentioning the window in the spa to help players with the quest.
  • If Krowly has boobs when he first time lose to the bandit trying to save Juliette it now shows busty illustrations.
  • The rain is now working right.
  • The old time bug with mouse when you was able to run over the even after triggering it now is fixed (like with the monster trap)
  • Some bugs when Krowly is meditating in wrong places now are fixed.


Posted by boobsgames - April 12th, 2020


Warlock and boobs v0.335.1

Version 0.335.1 with RTP 586 Mb 

The save files from version 0.335 should work


Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:

Kalas - Fina's scene.

futaonmale - russian text fixes.

What s new:

Easy battle mode - new cheat in the Cheat room, that can be used to enable the Easy Battle Mode. In this mode Krowly has an option to quickly win any battle.

New character - goblin girl Taisha. Can be found in the goblin village. She will be impressed if yu will defeat the Cube. She doesn't have anysex scenes yet, but we can see her naked.

Derek's quest can be finished now with Taisha's help ;)

New spell for Krowly (6 level). Makes enemies attack each other. If you are already 6 level or higher - use books on the table in Krowly's bedroom. It will update his spells.


New scenes:

  • goblin gil blowjob (win the battle with one of goblins) You can cum on her face or in her mouth.
  • Sex with Fina on a table (help her at the morning. Requires 50 relationship points). This scene has 4 variants. Written by Kalas


Updated pictures:

  • Gobli girl blowjob (+3 new variants) 

New pictures:

  • Fina on table (+19 variants)
  • Orc cowgirl (+3 variants)
  • Taisha naked
  • Taisha clothed +portraits


Small things:

A cheat in the cheat room that will make Fina's pussy shaved in her scene on the table. Temporary thing till I'll make something better.

Lizzy is mentioning when she is hungry is she stays in Krowly's house

Also this month I have played the game from the start to the current finish without any cheats, and found a lot of bugs. I have fixed them, but there should be more of them :D It's kinda fun to play using a gamepad


Posted by boobsgames - February 6th, 2020


Warlock and boobs v0.334.1

Version 0.334.1 with RTP 574 Mb


The save files from version 0.334 should work. 

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:

futaonmale - translation fixes

Jonas - translation for the scene with Derek

Kalas - blowjob scene with Mabel, the scene with fapping on Rose with Juliette

Bearama - variant of Carla's titfuck scene with Juliette

Jack White - chat scene in the tavern

Kiasyon - scene with Fina

What s new:

The filter of gay scenes was reworked. Sounds simple but it was a lot of work (23 scenes and events was reworked). Now it's skipping scenes instead of censoring them. It may not work in all the scenes because of mistakes I maybe made (let me know if it happens). Actually it was done in hotfix 2 for version 0.334 but I feel like it should be mention in the notes to the update.

The beginning of the quest with Iss and Sebastian. Find a special item at the hunt and try to sell it to Sebastian. Also check new dialogue with Iss about Orcs and Elves. Just a beginning of the quest, but it's a direction where the story will be moving.

Iss get an update - illustration, sprite, animation fixes, etc.


Now when hunting with Eric you can chose to go on hunt or to search for dungeons. Let me know how it will be working.

Krowly can get a cum on his breasts and it will be shown on his character illustrations. Technically in game it works as a several new costumes for him. You can wash out the cum by using a bathtub in one of the houses. Also you can disable the cum on Krowly's breasts using a switch in the settings menu.


New pictures:

  • Iss (+cum variant, +portraits)
  • Goblin girl spitroasting (+7 variants)
  • Krowly titfuck (+3 variants)
  • Krowly with cum on boobs variant

Updated pictures: 

  • Mabel (+portraits)
  • Eric facial (+cum variant)


New scenes: 

  • A chit-chat scene with Jill and Carla by Jack White (no sex, no illustration)
  • After saving Fina from elves you can fuck her in her pussy or ass in the waterfall. (25% chance to start the scene while fapping on her. Requires 50 relationship point. No illustration for now. Scene is written by Kiasyon)
  • Mabel blowjob scene (by Kalas). Requires 5 relationship points. No illustration for now.
  • Titfuck scene with Busty Krowly and Eric (flirt menu the tavern, 10 relationship points). 
  • Variant of the titfuck scene with Busty Krowly and Jaina (talk with her being naked, 10 relationship points )
  • A spitroasting scene with Goblin girl. During the hunt, or where your find Eric fucking a goblin girl in the ass


Updated scenes: 

  • Eric's blowjob scene. Now you can choose to cum in his mouth or on his face
  • Variant of Carla's titfuck scene with Juliette (by Bearama)
  • Variant of fapping on Rose in the waterfall with Juliette (by Kalas)

Small things: 

  • A dialogue with Iss about the the battles betwean Elves and Orcs
  • Translation for the scene with Derek by Jonas 
  • A new pixelart sprite for Krowly when he is wearing his cloak
  • New icons for Krowly's clothes
  • New items for sale as the rewards in the dungeons
  • Big goblin fix
  • Jenna's facefuck scene fix of the sperm (she has more sperm on her if she was already titfucked by Krowly)



Posted by boobsgames - December 6th, 2019


Version 0.333.3   with RTP 530 Mb  


The save files from version 0.333.2 should work except one thing. If you already titfucked the drunk elf Iss you will have to do it again like it never happen.

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:    

@futaonmale – russian text tweaks and missing translation fixes

 Harlekin – new party dialogues 

 Kalas  - the scene with Astra and Fina

 Elizabeth Darkwood - soundtrack

What’s new:  

New music. 4 new tracks by  Elizabeth Darkwood 

Elven wood get an update.

New monsters. Orcs and Orc girls was added to the elven wood location as respawning enemies. The orcs have only one sex scene when player loose to one of them. It's the old scene, but I have added a few more lines. Orc girl have two temporary sex scenes with no illustrations for now.


Pixel sex scenes between orcs and elfes in the wood. You can encounter orc and elfes having sex. In some scenarios Krowly can only watch, in some - join. 2 scenes for now.

New battle with orcs during the hunt with Eric. Bust to the relationships with Jaina and Rose.

Iss (the drunk elf) now lives in the elven wood. You can bring her some wine and titfuck her again. It's the part of the preparation for the quest with her,


New options with Eric. Now Krowly can ask him to fuck his ass at the middle of the hunt. (same scene with slightly changed dialogues). If you do in (or blowjob scene) at the glade with Juliette, she will be enjoying the show (also she will remember this, and in the future it will lead to some more options)

Possibility for Alice to dance on the table during the topless friday. It requires at least 10 relationship points with Jaina (yes, with Jaina). Just ask Alice for the dance when she is topless.

Also it leads for Jaina to joining topless friday too ^__^. 


Don't forget to take a look at Jenna when she is bathing ;)

New, big, hot and repeatable facial scene with different variants for Fina and Astra by Kalas. Help Fina with her mail during the wednesday morning (requires relationship with Fina higher then 25)

New pictures:   

  • Orc girl
  • Jenna bathing
  • Fina and Astra facial scene. (+8 variants)

Updated pictures: 

  • Orc

New scenes: 

  • Fina and Astra facial
  • Orc girl lose (no illustrations for now) 
  • Orc girl win (no illustrations for now )
  •  Help orc boys to facefuck a futa elf (variant of the scene with futa elf) 

Updated scenes: 

  • Anal with Eric scene
  • Anal with orc

Small things: 

New party dialogues by  Harlekin 

Monster sprite fix.

Astra's sprite fix



Posted by boobsgames - November 6th, 2019


Version 0.333.2 with RTP 494 Mb 


The save files from version 0.333.1 should work.

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:   

@futaonmale – russian text tweaks and missing translation fixes

Harlekin – party dialogues, english text fixes 

Kalas – improved anal scene with Sister Elizabeth, village dialogues fixes, small tweaks of Jaina’s scene

Gueisen - pixelart decoration for new dungeon. The statue of busty pregnant lamia ^^

Jonathan Vallejo - help with animation

What’s new: 

Status menu now shows a lot more information, including active state effects for all party members. I used a Ace Status Menu v1.02 by Yanfly with some changes to make it possible. It didn’t show state effects, so I had to write small additional kinda script by myself xD It is the first step to give Eric and other party members their own lust meter, so they would become a possible target for monstergirls’ lust attack.

By summoning succubus Meril and having sex with her you are getting some temporary bonuses.

Krowly now can play a tomb raider in the new dungeon in the Elven forest with secret reward (new useful item). It’s not a quest and totally optional.

The scene with Krowly sucking futa elf’s dick is now animated. Should be working both in the forest and in the Spa.



New pictures: 

  • Astra anal +variants (visit her at the morning when she is naked. requires 50 relationship points)
  • Busty elf titfuck +7 variants
  • Additional variants for Sister Elizabeth anal scene
  • Additional variants for the scene with Krowly loosing to Futa elf


Updated pictures:

  • Carla’s back side
  • Sister Elizabeth anal scene

New scenes:

  • Astra’s anal scene
  • Busty elf’s titfuck scene with lactation option


Updated scenes:

  • Sister Elizabeth anal scene – bukakke option and improved dialogues (by Kalas)


Small things:

A book with some lore info in Krowly’s house. I wanted to add more lore information in this update, but it’s hard.

A few more lines for Diana and Conlan

Slimes battle and spawn tweaks

Lamias battle tweaks (new moves)

Fairies are smaller now

Strong health potions heal poison now.

Fixed bugs:

Reducto potion should be working now



Posted by boobsgames - October 13th, 2019


Version 0.333.1 with RTP 480 Mb 


The save files from version 0.332.9 should work.

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:   

Jack White – scene with Jill in the church.

Oolay Tiger - monstergirls' voices and SFX

Vinick - scene with Derek and Krowly.

What’s new: 

Battle menu now has 2 new options. It's "autobattle" and "submit". Autobattle will make Krowly and other party members to fight without your help. It could be used for easy battles. Submit option allows you to lose the battle without the fight ^_^

Guarding options. Now when Krowly is using "guard" command in a battle, he will have some extra options depending on his level.

  • Protective circle will rise his defence on 10 turns. It's useful against weak enemies
  • Magic shield will protect you from almost all spells next turn. It's useful, when you know     that something big is coming (I will be reworking the strong monsters in this way. Already done for the busty elf and the ghost girl)
  • Concentration lowers mana cost for all spells on 10 turns.

Spellcaster skills. The more Krowly will use Fireball or freezing, the less chances he will have to fail.

Alchemy profession. Now Alchemy works like cooking or gardening. When you reach next level of skill your health and mana potions becomes stronger. 

Small new adventure with Eric, Jaina and Rose. It have strong boss and the new location, but doesn’t have new sex scenes or interesting dialogues yet.


New small location in the goblins’ caves. Will be expanded.

New monster girl – goblin shaman. No sex scenes for her yet.

New small quest “Reducto”. It starts when Krowly first time enter his basement lab while having the boobs.

First stage of a new quest “Woman for Derek”. Talk to him in the tavern while Charlotte in the school. It’s unfinished quest, for now you can only start it.

Small hidden secret with Fina’s portrait. Cum on her portrait 10 times and then talk to her at the morning 

Voiceover of Monstergirls' lust attacks by Oolay Tiger . Futa elf, Ghost girl, Plant girl, Mable, Goblin girl.




New pictures:  

  • Guard girl (updated + cum variant + portraits)
  • Guard guy
  • Guards double anal (+ cum variant)
  • Busty elf cowgirl (updated + cum variant)


New scenes:

  • Double anal with guards. Visit them at Sunday’s night
  • New sermon in the church (no russian translation for now) by Jack White at sunday
  • Krowly and Derek sex scene (no russian translation for now) by Vinick. It won't be shown if you have gay scenes disabled in game. You can read the story he wrote here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/33133607/ 

Small things:

  • Busty elf battle tactic updated
  • Ghost girl battle tactic updated
  • Clear mind potion now helps in the battle against Busty elf
  • Lizzy heals Krowly only when his HP is lower then 150
  • Julliete now has something to say about every location in the village.
  • Mabel sells Minotaur cum

Fixed reported bags:

  • Freezing while lust and hunger indicators are visible
  • Astra in the school
  • Slimes and slime repellent in the Old cave during the adventure with Jaina and Rose



Posted by boobsgames - August 22nd, 2019


Version 0.332.8 with RTP 455 Mb 


The save files from version 0.332.5 should work okay, but maybe the new game could be better. Let me know :)

Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:    

Jack White - scene with Astra scene in the church.

Bearyama - scenes with Juliette and Jenna

Harlekin - scenes with Eric and mostergirls, dialogues, ideas, and big help with testing

What’s new: 

Lust now works different. When you fuck monstergirl, or monstergirl fucks you, you will lose lust, But when you let monstergirl go without sex, you will get lust points. I think this will be more logical, and add more possibilities for the future. I'm planning to continue the work on the lust system.

New outfit for Krowly - black lingerie. Can be found during the hunt in the dungeons. Also you can get it in the cheat room.

Juliette will follow Krowly in the village. Variants with her are added to the deepthroat and cleavagefuck scenes with Jenna. Fina will be the next one ;)

Juliette now can became an official teacher for children in the village. It will be part of some future stories.



New pictures:  

  • Plant girl pregnant variant 
  • Drunk orc variant
  • Krowly in a lingerie (+6 variants)
  • Alice anal (+8 variants)
  • Lipplejob (+6 variants)


 Updated pictures:  

  • Fairies' gangbang 
  • Priestess

 New scenes:  

Win scenes written by Harlekin for the monstergirls in the dungeons when Eric is in the team. Goblins, elves, pregnant lamia and four-breasted lamia. New artworks for those scenes will be added in the future.

Astra visiting Krowly at night. It has a chance to be trigered when Krowly is sleaping without masturbation. Relationship with Astra should be higher then 25. Written by Jack White.  

Julietta+Jenna lesbian scene. No art for now, but will be added in the future. To trigger it, let Julietta look how you are titfucking Jenna and then go to Eric's house at the next night. All Juliette+Jenna scenes are writen by Bearyama 

Alice's anal scene. Has two options where to cum, with different reactions. Also there is a chance that Carla will interrupt.

Lipplejob scene with Priestess and Eric. She will meet you at the Exit of Random Generated Dungeon 1.

A scene in the church at sunday's morning, where Juliette is becoming a teacher. Written by Jack White. The next scene in the church will be about Krowly's relationships with Sister Elizabeth And Fina ;)

You can meet a pregnant plant girl during the hunt with Eric. (Very unfinished)



 Small things:  

  • Icons for seeds
  • Teleport is now working with Eric too. (Let me know if it causes bugs) 
  • Food is more effective now.



Relationships with Elizabeth Darkwood and Melissa are fixed and added to the cheat room.

Lactation is fixed

Massage is added to the Spa. (Honestly, this scene is just my joke. Different massage will be added soon)

Slime repellent is working with small slimes at in the random genereated dungeon. Let me know is it's still not working for some other slimes.


Note: This update most likely has more bugs then usuall. Please, let me know if you will find any, and I'll be sure to fix it.